Yates-Motloid Earns Product Endorsement from Illinois Dental Lab

Fox Valley Orthodontic Laboratory endorses Yates-Motloid's Ortho Welder II.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) July 20, 2016

Yates-Motloid is proud to announce that their Ortho Welder II received an official endorsement from Fox Valley Orthodontic Laboratory, with the company hailing the Ortho Welder II as the “all-in-one-workhorse” in dental lab solutions.

Yates-Motloid’s Ortho Welder II combines an orthodontics welding machine, electric solderer, and wire annealer all in one compact, functional, versatile, easy-to-use, and maintenance-free device. This second-generation welder features a stronger transformer, improved remote welding capabilities, and a wider range of output options.

“The Yates-Motloid Ortho Welder II gives me gives me the flexibility to perform several tasks on all the various metal shapes and sizes from a single workstation,” said Paul Watson, Fox Valley Orthodontic Laboratory Owner. “It’s a dependable workhorse that never lets [Fox Valley] down.”

According to the Manta, Fox Valley is a family-owned and operated orthodontic specialty lab that services dental appliances. Fox Valley is located in Elgin, IL, and serves the Chicagoland area, with quick shipping options across the Midwest.

 “We [at Yates-Motloid] are extremely excited about this endorsement, as other dental labs throughout the globe may see that [Yates-Motloid] products are a choice for trusted industry specialists. This allows us to further leverage our [methods] within the dental lab industry,” Jimmy Marks, Yates-Motloid Director of Operations, said.

Yates-Motloid is part of the Bird-X group of companies, and has been providing solutions to the dental lab market since 1949. All Yates-Motloid products have been developed, manufactured, tested, approved, and used by many leading dental schools and labs throughout the world. Yates-Motloid’s specialties include dental resins, waxes, and more. For information on these products, please call the Yates-Motloid customer service line at (800) 662-5021.

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Ashley Estes
Ashley Estes


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