Dust-X Addresses Dental Staff Safety Amidst Public Health Concerns

Yates Motloid’s latest innovative dental product, Dust-X, is designed to be a sanitary precaution for chairside denture and partial adjustments. Dust-X is a clear, see-through chairside adjustment container with openings to accommodate hands and tools. This revolutionary time-saver allows dentists to make denture adjustments without contaminating the surrounding area with debris and aerosols. Particles produced by chairside adjustments are collected in a convenient container for easy disposal with minimal clean-up.

Yates Motloid’s Vice President of Operations, James Marks, addresses the increased need for protective equipment with this statement, “As dentists begin seeing more patients back to their office, it’s important to still be vigilant regarding health concerns. Dust-X addresses the need for infection control equipment while also optimizing appointment time.”

Dust-X is projected to be an essential tool for controlling infection and reducing the risk of COVID-19 in dental offices. 

Annie Gavin
Annie Gavin


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