Bird-X Group of Companies Expands Location

A growing demand for Bird-X products across the globe encouraged the company to expand into the place next door.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) June 15, 2016

The top brand in humane bird and pest control and leader of the Bird-X group of companies, Bird-X, announced another expansion for their Chicago headquarters.

Due to a steady increase in demand, the introduction of many new products, and an expansion into new markets, the Bird-X group of companies has added space to their existing facility. The headquarters address includes the existing 300 North Oakley Boulevard facility, as well as the new space at 320 North Oakley Boulevard in Chicago.

According to Dennis Tilles, President for the Bird-X group of companies, the ability to add space over the past several years has allowed business to expand in an orderly fashion in order to accommodate growing customer needs.

“To support our growth and new product additions, there was a necessity for additional space and now we have it,” said Tilles. “A physical space expansion has been planned and executed as we have expanded physical space externally, and have now just completed our plan for internal expansion. We should be set for the next few years.”

The Bird-X group of companies also includes Cozy Products and Yates-Motloid. Cozy Products manufactures low-wattage, energy efficient personal heaters for home and office. Yates-Motloid offers dental lab solutions to dental offices across the globe, and specializes in products like dental resins, waxes, and more.

What differentiates the Bird-X group of companies from competitors is that their pest control products are safe, humane, non-toxic, non-harmful, and eco-friendly—which means there are no chemicals, traps, or poisons. In addition, Cozy Products', personal space heaters use only 10% the energy of typical space heaters. These devices help users reduce energy costs, fire hazards, and blown fuses. Many Cozy Products are also made from recycled materials, and require less energy than a standard light bulb to run.

Bird-X has been the world’s leader in humane bird and pest control since 1964, and is dedicated to protecting human health, wildlife, and the environment. They manufacture a complete line of unique pest control products with an unmatched focus on quality, efficacy, and customer service. For information on any of the Bird-X group of companies, please call customer service at (800) 662-5021.

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Ashley Estes
Ashley Estes


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