Dentist describes Yates-Motloid’s ColdPac as “The Perfect Temporary Crown and Bridge Material”

Perhaps its best known signature, ColdPac Tooth Acrylic by dental company Yates Motloid was praised in Gregory J. Tarantola’s book Clinical Cases in Restorative & Reconstructive Dentistry.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) October 21, 2013

Representatives at the Yates Motloid dental company were pleased to read a positive professional recommendation of their ColdPac Tooth Acrylic in a clinical study by Dr. Gregory J. Tarantola, DDS.

In Chapter 3 of Dr. Tarantola’s book Clinical Cases in Restorative & Reconstructive Dentistry (2010 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.), Dr. Tarantola discusses Provisionalization (a temporary tooth fixture) in dentistry and ColdPac’s place within it:

“There are many excellent materials to use for the actual fabrication of the provisional. I prefer cold-cured methylmethacrylate acrylic resin because of its resiliency and toughness especially with longer span provisionals. It also withstands removal and recementation that is often necessary in longer-term interdisciplinary cases without fracture or other problems. There are many excellent cold-cure acrylic resins but this author prefers ColdPac by the Motloid Company… It has an extended working time in the doughy stage, which is necessary for this technique. You have plenty of time to place the doughy acrylic into the putty matrix and to seat it precisely on the cast prior to the setting of the material. This material also has excellent color stability, which is obviously very important for longer-term provisionals.”

Dr. Tarantola’s book stands alone for clinical studies; one reviewer states, “This book is essential reading for any dentist who wants to treat his/her patients comprehensively.”

Yates-Motloid’s Quality Assurance Manager Shelley Carrillo says, “It’s pretty typical for us to get positive reviews – this company has been in business for over 50 years and many of our customers have been using ColdPac for 30 years and over. Our product stands out for its high quality and extensive use history; it’s the top choice for many dentists since it holds up in clinical studies and more importantly, practice.”

ColdPac is available at Yates Motloid has been providing solutions to the dental lab market segment for over 50 years. All products have been developed, manufactured, tested, approved, and used by many of the leading dental schools and labs throughout the world. Yates Motloid is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 Certified.

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Alison James
Alison James


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