Soldering Machine

Make repairs and additions without the inconveniences, delays, and dangers of torches. Seven heat settings accomodate virtually every soldering need. Provides a quick esthetic and functional repair that can save a costly remake.

  • Solder clasps, bars, and rests on the model without distortion
  • Repair partials without removing acrylic or teeth
  • Solder without investing joints
  • Fabricate and solder retainers, space maintainers and other orthodontic wire appliances
  • Repair pin holes in crowns
  • Solder precision attachements
  • Assemble and repair ceramic metal bridges

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Your electronic soldering machine comes complete with: Carbon and Ground Cords, Hot Stop, Brass Tips, Miraflux, 5-Star Solder, 5/16" Carbon, 3/16" Carbon and Power adapter

Shipping weight: 24 lbs.

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