Pumice Safe

PumiceSafe Alcohol-Free Universal Cleaner

  • Pack size:176 fl oz. / 5L
  • Ready to use
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Light Mint Fragrance

PumiceSafe is an ideal algaecidal and fungicidal application for pumice and as a tabletop surface cleaner.

Soaking lathe brushes in PumiceSafe disinfects them before polishing a denture. In addition soaking lathe brushes in PumiceSafe reduces the risk of burning the acrylic associated with lathe brushes. Supplied ready-to-use, there is no need to dilute any concentrated solution, it can simply be dispensed, a few drops at a time, as and when required.

Non-foamy, it is used to produce pleasant-smelling microorganism-free pumice slurry and it also helps reduce the presence of dust within the Laboratory environment.
Alcohol-free, it does not dry out or irritate the Technician’s skin during frequent contact.

It has a pleasant minty fragrance, which helps generate a more pleasant working environment.

Its glycerine and emollient content help keep the Technician’s hands softer which helps prevent them drying out due to contact with the various irritant chemicals and powders routinely found within Prosthetic Laboratories.

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