Crosslinked Flash Acrylic Kit

Crosslinked Flash Acrylic is a superior all-purpose cold-cure acrylic for denture bases and various repairs. Used to replace broken teeth, mending broken and cracked dentures, adding teeth or clasps to partials, relining, rebasing, and post-damming.

Flash is crosslinked, which adds a dimension to the molecular structure, making this acrylic stronger than ever, and craze and shrink resistant. Compatible with "pour" technique.

Flash Acrylic quickly forms a true chemical bond with all acrylic and co-polymer denture resin materials. Air curing removes the possibility of warping through heating.

Choose the size/color for your Flash Acrylic Kit from the drop-down menu above:

  • 1lb powder / 8oz liquid, 6lb powder / 1.5qt liquid, or 25lb powder / 1.5gal liquid
  • Plain (pink, clear), Fibered, or Mottled
WARNING: This product can expose you to Titanium dioxide, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

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