Coldpac Denture Acrylic Repair Kit

Coldpac Denture Acrylic Repair is used to process dentures more accurately. Excellent product for:

  • Replacing broken teeth
  • Mending cracked and broken dentures
  • Adding teeth or clasps to partials
  • Relining, rebasing, and post-damming

Coldpac Denture Acrylic Repair is especially useful when investing the layered mold using Elasto-Vest and the vacuum-formed unit base. Surface hardness and color stability are improved by colorfast and cross-linked additives. 

Choose the size/color of your Coldpac Denture Acrylic Repair Kit:

  • 1lb, 2lb, or Lab Kit (6lbs)
  • Plain (light pink, clear), Granular (orange-pink), or Fibered (light, medium, or dark)

*Coldpac Liquids and kits containing this product must be shipped via ground transportation (product is flammable). If you purchase a Coldpac Liquid with other items, everything will be shipped according to your preference except the liquid; it will be shipped separately via Ground. All devices may not have been licensed in accordance with Canadian Law.

Call (800) 662-5021 for International Orders

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