Coldpac Tooth Acrylic Kit

Coldpac Tooth Acrylic is the perfect temporary crown and bridge material. For true tooth shades on veneers, jacket crowns and bridges. Density ensures excellent workability as well as desired hardness and fracture resistance.

Both attractive and functional, monomer is cross-linked and colorfast. Dentists and dental labs alike have found this grade ideal. Coldpac is considered by many leading lecturing prosthodontists and post-graduate schools to be the finest temporary crown and bridge material available. Coldpac Tooth Acrylic properties allow the creation of tooth surfaces that are both aesthetically attractive and functionally durable. Available in kits as well as individual Nu-Hue and Vita shades.

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Coldpac Tooth Acrylic Liquid Safety Data Sheet

Shade Guide

Coldpac acrylic resin rated in top two provisional restorative materials. Coldpac had significantly less marginal discrepancy compared with Snap®, Protemp™, Trim®, Triad®, and Tru-kit materials.

*Coldpac Liquids and kits containing this product must be shipped via ground transportation (product is flammable). If you purchase a Coldpac Liquid with other items, everything will be shipped according to your preference except the liquid; it will be shipped separately via Ground. All devices may not have been licensed in accordance with Canadian Law.

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