Chrometal #2 (High-Shine)

Highlight your craftsmanship with Motloid Buffing and Burnishing Compounds, the finest products available for all your buffing, burnishing and polishing requirements. Save time and effort while producing a beautiful luster.

(Burnishing Agent - Black & Green)
Removes scratches and produces a smooth finish on Chromium and other metal alloys. Use both No. 1 and No. 2 together for best results.

No. 1 (Black) Pre-buff for chromium and precious metals
No. 2 (Green) High-buff for chromium


"Let me tell you a little about the Chrometal Burnishing Agent NO 2 Green. I have been making Chrome castings since 1976 and over the years you try various polishing compounds. If someone was to ask me “What is the best final polish for Chrome Castings,” I would say without hesitation Burnishing Agent no 2. There are a stack of other contenders out there, but in my estimate, it is without a doubt the best. Period.

The final lustre is unrivaled — it takes the finished casting to the next level. I remember another technician asking me about polish for gold crowns and I said the Burnishing Agent no2 was the best. I sent him a piece and he thought it was absolutely incredible for Gold work. The best final polish anywhere in the world and I will be using it till the day I retire from the industry." — Mal Hunter, Dental Technician, Marcoola, Queensland, Australia

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Type: Buffing Agent

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